9/26 – Media Advisory – Remove Phil Kent from IERB Petition Press Conference – Google Docs

Media Advisory – Remove Phil Kent from IERB Petition Press Conference – Google Docs.

Media Advisory

“Remove Phil Kent from Georgia Immigration Enforcement Review Board”
3 PM   Sept. 27, 2011  Georgia State Capitol Rotunda

Press Contacts:    Steven Golden     301.706.7520     stevenwilliamgolden@gmail.com
                         Erik Voss     404.457.5901     erik@icatlanta.org

Event:         Press Conference
Location:     Georgia State Capitol – Inside the Rotunda
Date/Time:     Sept. 27th, 2011     3 PM
What:         Diverse Georgians demand extremist Phil Kent be removed from the Georgia Immigration Enforcement Review Board (IERB) and ask for resignation of other board members.
A [etition will be delivered to Governor Nathan Deal demanding reversal of Phil Kent appointment to the IERB, Speakers will discuss IERB member diversity, HB 87, and issues related to Georgia immigration

Atlanta, GA – On Tuesday September 27th, a group of diverse Georgians will join for a press conference in the Georgia State Capitol Rotunda advocating for the removal of Phil Kent, a known extremist.

The press conference is called to demand that Governor Deal immediately remove Phil Kent from the new HB 87 created ‘Georgia Immigration Enforcement Review Board’ (IERB).  
We will deliver roughly 5,000 signatures on a petition in support of this demand for Phil Kent’s immediate removal from the IERB.

This IERB, created by controversial HB 87, is being given broad authority to, among other things, subpoena individuals working in Georgia state government agencies, as well as in other county and municipal governments positions, to force them to appear before IERB.  Furthermore, the IERB will investigate compliance with Georgia’s ‘immigration law,’ and levy fines those who have been found in violation.

Steve Golden, author of the petition (http://signon.org/sign/remove-phil-kent-from) created this online, and his petition demanding Phil Kent’s immediate removal that has drawn 5,000 signatures.  

Why has Nathan Deal shot himself in the foot by appointing a well known extremist to an important government review. This act delegitimizes the IERB and calls into question the Governor’s true motivations for signing the bill.

The petition will be delivered to Governor Nathan Deal’s office after being presented for examination to the media.

There will be presentations from various speakers and advocates.

End of Advisory


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