11/1 – AJC.com – Mexican senators seek meeting with Georgia lawmakers over immigration | ajc.com

Mexican senators seek meeting with Georgia lawmakers over immigration  | ajc.com.


Georgia Politics 6:16 p.m. Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

WASHINGTON — A group of Mexican senators announced Tuesday they are preparing to meet with state legislators in Georgia and four other states next month, hoping to head off more stringent immigration laws like the one Georgia enacted this year.

The senators plan to share information with state lawmakers that shows illegal immigrants generally stay out of trouble and contribute to the economy while they are here.Sen. Carlos Jimenez Macias, a member of the Mexican Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee, confirmed those plans Tuesday at a workshop on immigration reform in D.C. at the German Marshall Fund, a nonpartisan public policy institution.

Macias said the author of Georgia’s House Bill 87 — Republican state Rep. Matt Ramsey of Peachtree City — is among the legislators he and his delegation want to meet next month.

The Mexican senators also plan to meet with state lawmakers in Alabama, Arizona, South Carolina and Utah, which have enacted similar immigration enforcement measures.

For Macias, the issue is personal. He said he illegally entered the United States when he was 17 to find work and lived for a time in Chicago.

“I know what the illegal immigrants feel here in the United States,” he said.

Ramsey said Tuesday he had not received a request to meet with Macias.

“However, I would welcome the opportunity to meet and hear their concerns and share with them our concerns that motivated us to draft legislation aimed at addressing the issues posed in Georgia by illegal immigration,” Ramsey said.

Macias’ announcement comes after the Mexican ambassador to the United States condemned an early draft of HB 87 in February, saying it was “poisoning” the relationship between the two countries. The Mexican government filed court papers in June in support of efforts to halt HB 87.

Supporters of HB 87 complain illegal immigrants are straining taxpayer-funded resources in Georgia, including schools and prisons. HB 87 seeks to deter illegal immigrants from coming to Georgia by cutting off their access to jobs and public benefits. A federal judge in Atlanta put parts of the law on hold in June amid court challenges. The state is appealing.

Another Mexican senator, Ruben Velazquez Lopez, said he didn’t want to see the “problem of anti-immigrant laws” to be “Mexicanized.”

“This is something that affects all the illegals in the United States,” he said. “And they are from many nations. Not all. But certainly many. Our fellow countrymen are part of the total.”


One Comment to “11/1 – AJC.com – Mexican senators seek meeting with Georgia lawmakers over immigration | ajc.com”

  1. What a great idea ! However, this news have not been on the main stream media. Neither the in the news at night in any of the main networks except in the Spanish network of Univision. Let’s face it ! The main media and in particularly the conservative and nativists do not have any interest in solve the undocumented immigration issue since it is a fount of fire to light up their political campaigns. Look for example the Republicans, none of them except Perry showed a little compasion and directive in the subject. But in doing so it costed dearly ! The right wing of the Republican Party and all of those in the Tea Party lashed at him without clememcy, the “joke” Herman Kine utterered as “let us put an electrical fense with cocodriles in the border states” to detain the “illegals”, also costed him on one side respect and the other side admiration, at the end of the day he stated “that was a joke “, How inconsidered ! The rest of the pack the use the issue as a shield when they feel treaten by the posible constituencies votes. It is clear, therefore, the immigration issue during this election preparation year become an important source of bigitry and bias, plus the exageration and the misinformation, the twisting facts scenarios and the fear as agreat posibility to capitalized votes. Especially when it comes with the economy. jobs, jobs jobs. I hope and pray the Mexican Senators will be able to convince or at least to demostrate that, the unducumented immigrants are productive people. That repression will not contribute to solve the problem that is already past due. If we could give the legality to those who need it, we will inject billions of dollars into our economy and also will bring a normalcy which is long gone needed in America

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