8/22/2011 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—Georgia Undocumented Youth Determined to Graduate Despite Board of Regents Ban



Contact: Georgina Perez 678-389-1226


Georgia Undocumented Youth Determined to Graduate Despite Board of Regents Ban

Undocumented students will hold a graduation ceremony against the Board of Regents ban at University of Georgia

Athens, Georgia— Today, Undocumented youth from Athens will conduct a graduation ceremony of resistance as a protest against the Board of Regents’ decision to ban academically qualified students from attending Georgia’s top 5 public universities solely based on their immigration status. “I , just as many other students, was always told that I had potential, and with education I could do whatever I wanted when I grew up,” said Alejandro Galeana, a junior from Cedar Shoals High School, “and now, I am having to fight for my rights to be allowed to receive higher education,”


WHAT:              Undocumented youth stage graduation of resistance

WHO:               Undocumented Youth from around the state of Georgia

WHEN:             Tuesday, August 23rd at 12:00pm at the University of GA “Arch”

WHERE:           In front of the “Arch” – Corner of College and Broad


“I am having to fight for my education now, and Failure is NOT an option,” Galeano stated, and understanding the issue within his society Alejandro goes on, “This is the Athens community, not the Athens-white, Athens-black or Athens-anything. It is Athens, and all the people here are equal. Once you start targeting a certain subgroup, such as the immigrant community, it becomes racism and prejudice”


Tuesday’s action is in the spirit of supporting youth like Galeano, whose dreams and hard work are being shattered by the BOR ban


In addition to the rally, GUYA will be announcing its support of Freedom University, a local project that will offer a rigorous college-level course to all academically qualified students regardless of immigration status or socio-economic background, without fees or tuition. One of the scholars involved in the project, Dr. Pamela Voekel, states that “The Regents ban contravenes this country’s most cherished values of liberty and justices for all. Freedom University is designed to serve the students adversely affected by the Board of Regent’s misguided ban.”


Freedom University is governed by a advisory board consisting nationally recognized scholars including Pulitzer Prize winning author, Junot Díaz, representing growing educators voice on the issue of immigration.


Georgia Undocumented Youth Alliance (GUYA) is an Undocumented Youth-led organization which seeks dignity and justice for its immigrant youth community in the state of Georgia. GUYA believes all persons should have equal access to education and a life free from persecution regardless of their legal status

Georgina Perez


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