8/9 – WSB (Video) Man Stops Eating In Protest Of Immigration Law – News Story – WSB Atlanta

Man Stops Eating In Protest Of Immigration Law – News Story – WSB Atlanta.

A local man is vowing not to eat until Gov. Nathan Deal meets with him.Tuesday marks the 40th day of Salvador Zamora’s hunger strike. He stopped eating on July 1, the same day HB 87 went into effect.HB 87 is Georgia’s new immigration law that places restrictions on illegal immigrants.So far, Zamora has lost 30 pounds. Zamora told Channel 2’s Erica Byfield that he wants to talk to the governor about the law and hand delivered a letter requesting a meeting.”These laws are not good not only for the immigrant community, but are not go for Georgia,” he said.Zamora is so weak that he now uses a wheelchair to get around.”I’m not worried about me. I’m worried about my people,” said Zamora.”We need also to show him this is bad for the people and this puts a lot of pressure and fear in people and they are running away and hiding,” he continued.Deal’s office confirmed that it received Zamora’s letter.A representative told Channel 2 that the governor’s Office of Constituent Letters will respond to Zamora.It is unclear if the governor will meet with Zamora.Zamora told Byfield that he is willing to strike for as long as it takes.


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