8/2 – WABE: State AG’s office lists acceptable IDs (2011-08-02)

WABE: State AG’s office lists acceptable IDs (2011-08-02).

State AG’s office lists acceptable IDs


(WABE)This week the State Attorney General’s office published a list of acceptable documents as required by Georgia’s new illegal immigration law. One of these published documents would be needed in order to get public benefits and services in the state.

The two-page list posted by the Georgia Attorney General’s office includes such things as U.S. and foreign passports and state-issued driver’s licenses. But according to Charles Kuck, one of the attorneys challenging Georgia’s new illegal immigration law, some of the documents can be obtained by the undocumented.

“For example a foreign passport, a license of any state of the United States. All of these were permissible documents before and they are permissible documents now.”

Kuck says immigrant and civil rights advocates were challenging this portion of Georgia’s law, because it’s unconstitutional to limit the types of documents you can use for identification. But Kuck says the published list does not change existing requirements, so their challenge on that section may be moot.

A spokesperson from the Attorney General’s office says that they compiled the list by looking at documents that were acceptable under state and federal laws. Nowhere on the list was a requirement that documents be current and valid. The section on secure and verifiable documents in Georgia’s new law does not apply to those who report crimes, provide services to infants children or victims of a crime and others.


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