6/28 – The Dream is Coming – Undocument​ed Youth Respond to Decision on HB87 Risking Arrest at Georgia State Capitol – icatlanta@gmail.com

For Immediate Release
Contact: Georgina Perez at 678-389-1226

Undocumented Youth Respond to Decision on HB87 Risking Arrest at Georgia State Capitol

Undocumented youth respond to the decision to partially stop HB87, ‘it isn’t enough’

Atlanta, Georgia– Today, June 28th, at 2:00pm, in an effort to raise awareness for the plight of undocumented people in their communities, six undocumented youth will risk arrest and even deportation coming out at the Georgia State Capitol. The undocumented youth will be joined by allies in demanding a complete halt to HB87 and similar local policies which continue to create fear within the immigrant communities.Jessica Vasquez, 18 year old soon to be Pebblebrook high school student doesn’t believe anything has changed with the Judge’s ruling in the HB87 lawsuit: “Parts of HB87 may have been put on hold however that does not mean that local policies have been put on hold.  Every day I see people I know being stopped at checkpoints and facing deportation. As far as I am concerned HB87 policies have been in place for a while and nothing has changed with that.  I am here fighting because I believe my community needs to stop being afraid. I am here because these politicians and so called leaders need to realize we are waking up and will no longer tolerate their hatred.”According to the Migrant Policy Institute over 74,000 undocumented youth reside in the state of Georgia.  In October of 2010 the Board of Regents made a decision barring undocumented youth from attending Georgia’s top 5 colleges and universities.  The decision made it such that, despite top grades, many youth would not be allowed to attend school, similar to the policies put in place during previous generations baring African Americans from school attendance.

“It seems we are reliving history all over again, just different people but same racist laws being put into place.  If it was wrong then it is wrong now.  I have the grades but I am being told I should remain uneducated.  I am an American having lived here since I was 2.” Leeidy Solis, 16, soon to be high school senior, she went on to say: “Even if it means facing deportation we are prepared to follow in the footsteps of those before us to fight to change these laws.”

Who:    Undocumented youth, Rev.  Tim MacDonald and local civil rights leaders
What:   Response to HB87 and coming out rally, students declare themselves “Undocumented and Unafraid” – Risking arrest and even deportation.
When/where:  Tuesday June 28th, Inside the Georgia State Capitol at 1:45pm.The youth will not be alone, they will be joined by local politicians and members of the faith community; Rev. Timothy McDonald, Senior Pastor of the First Iconium Baptist Church joins the youth in solidarity: “We affirm that immigration is the Civil Rights Issue for the 21st Century.  We will not re-segregate our colleges and university.  America must continue its forward progress towards affirming the rights of all People.”
As The Dream is Coming project, we are compelled by our frustration and the fierce urgency of our dreams to act as agents of our destinies and be the catalysts for a future in which we are empowered, mobilized, and living with the dignity we deserve.  We are a group of undocumented youth who have worked for years on a path to legalization. We are at a point in our movement where radical action has become necessary for ourselves and our communities.

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