6/3 – CBSAtlanta (Video) – Farms Losing Workers To Immigrant Crackdown – Atlanta News Story – WGCL Atlanta

Farms Losing Workers To Immigrant Crackdown – Atlanta News Story – WGCL Atlanta.

POSTED: 3:02 pm EDT June 3, 2011
UPDATED: 6:45 pm EDT June 3, 2011

CBS Atlanta found dozens of people on the hunt for a new job at the Georgia Labor Departmen,t but one job no one seem to want is that of a farm worker.”

I love agricultural and fresh products, but would I work on a farm? That would be tough to do,” said Carrie Williams, who has been unemployed for seven months.

People cited they were too educated, don’t want to relocate, or admit the work is just too hard when asked why they would not work on a farm.”

I’d sweep the street if I have to but that’s not an industry I aspire to be in,” said Neal Morrison, who has been looking for a job for four months.

After the new immigration law passed allowing local police to identify and detain illegal immigrants, local farmers say they are having a hard time finding laborers.

The mayor of Uvalda, Paul Bridges, is bringing suit against the state, calling the immigration law unconstitutional and claiming it does nothing but hurt his rural agricultural town.”

Economic areas in our communities will be devastated if we can’t get people to come harvest our crops, pick our onions, pick our squash,” said Bridges.

Despite migrant workers now avoiding Georgia, farmers looking for laborers and unemployment numbers still exceptionally high, most people are not applying for that kind of work.”

It wouldn’t be my first choice. It would be my last choice. Manual labor is something I’m use to but don’t like too much,” said Javoni Henderson, unemployed for four months.


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