5/17 – CBSAtlanta – Posters First Phase Of Immigration Boycott – Atlanta News Story – WGCL Atlanta

Posters First Phase Of Immigration Boycott – Atlanta News Story – WGCL Atlanta.

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1:10am | May 18, 2011



Groups Refuse To Obey New Immigration Law

POSTED: 6:45 pm EDT May 16, 2011
UPDATED: 7:19 am EDT May 17, 2011

Some businesses across the Atlanta metro area said they plan to hang posters in their windows to let immigrants know they are a safe haven for illegals.The posters are the latest, in a number of pro-immigration movements, to let Georgia’s legislators know they disagree with the signing of House Bill 87, a controversial new immigration law, that mimics similar legislation passed in Arizona.”We are going to be non-compliant,” said Elizabeth Anderson. Anderson works at Charis Books and More in Little Five Points. Anderson said the poster, now hanging in her window, is a symbol of their disgust for the new law.”If Immigration and Customs Enforcement come into our store, we will tell them to get a search warrant,” said Anderson. “We are basically offering ourselves as a resource to the community. If people want to have a meeting here. We want immigrants to know this is a safe place. As safe as we cane me it. And being non-compliant, it means; come here feel safe. Know we will provide as many resources as possible,” Anderson said.The posters are part of numerous organizations that include Somos Georgia, “We Are Georgia,” Southerners On New Ground, and Georgia Latino Alliance For Human Rights.Governor Nathan Deal signed House Bill 87 into law on Friday.The bill author State rep. Matt Ramsey, R-Peachtree City, said the bill is not racist, and merely enforces federal laws already on the books that the government isn’t.”The very best we can do, as a state, within the boundaries of the U.S and State Constitution to address the social and economic consequences of illegal immigration,” Ramsey said.”Illegal immigration places an incredible burden on Georgia taxpayers,” said Deal. “With an illegal population estimated to be almost one half million the collective cost to our educational, health care and correctional infrastructure is in the billions,” Deal said.The new law goes into effect on July 1. Groups said there will be numerous protests that day.


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