5/16 – Voice of Tucson – Letter to Coke regarding political contributions to isolationist politicians in Georgia – Arizona Hispanic Republicans

Letter to Coke regarding political contributions to isolationist politicians in Georgia – Arizona Hispanic Republicans.

Letter to Coke regarding political contributions to isolationist politicians in Georgia

by arizona-hispanic-republicans on May. 16, 2011, under Latino Republicans Vocal Against Unconstitutional laws and harm towards our economy, Secure Borders and Reasonable Immigration Solution, The Nativist Anti-immigrant Movement

16 May 2011

Subject:  Please stop giving political contributions to isolationist politicians in Georgia.

Dear Rudy,

We were disappointed in hearing about the Governor of Georgia signing an anti-immigrant law recently.  Our main office is based in Arizona and our grassroots independent organization grew nationally out of a crisis situation.  Our Arizona Governor signed the harsh anti-immigrant law SB 1070 last year, and it damaged our economy due to mass exodus of the  immigrant community that left behind empty houses, increased home foreclosures, dried up businesses and empty fields where at least 40% of the crops were not picked because there were not enough workers willing to work in the fields.

The SB 1070 law was appealed and later the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals maintained immigration laws were in essence the responsibility of the federal government under the Supremacy Clause.  In a letter to Governor Nathan Deal we wrote: “Please do not sign HB 87, an Arizona-style immigration enforcement bill. The bill is clearly unconstitutional…Our constitution is part of the ‘rule of law’ so if you believe in the ‘rule of law’ then don’t sign HB 87.

We have stood in solidarity with pro immigrant groups out of Georgia.  One of the grassroots community campaigns against HB-87, SOMOS  GEORGIA has been advocating, rallying, writing letters, calling and begging for the Governor to veto this anti-immigrant bill to no avail.  Shortly after the anti-immigrant law was signed, SOMOS GEORGIA issued a press release where they wrote:

“We are calling on all businesses, conventions, and conferences to cancel your trips to the State of Georgia and pledge to not spend one dollar here until this law is repealed,” said Paulina Hernandez, Co-Director of Southerners on New Ground and part of the Somos Georgia Campaign. “We are also putting the nation on alert that there may be soon a Georgia Products boycott as well – so stay alert and be prepared to stay away from businesses such as … Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, and AFLAC Insurance.”

We have been informed families are leaving the state of Georgia which is why we have come to the point we are now at.  As more states pass anti-immigrant laws, we have no choice but to get more assertive with corporations who help isolationist politicians via political contributions.  The Arizona Governor and now the Georgia Governor have signed harsh anti-immigrant laws where more families are going to be forced apart.   We know who are behind these laws and it does not help when corporations such as Coca-Cola contribute to isolationist and restrictionist politicians.  We have discovered that Coca-Cola has contributed over $60,000.00 to Georgia Republican affiliates, and over $40,000.00 more to individual Republican politicians who voted and supported the recent isolationist anti-immigrant law.  WE ARE ASKING COKE TO STOP GIVING CONTRIBUTION$ TO ISOLATIONIST POLITICIANS for the sake of our suffering and hurting of Latin and other immigrant communities.  We know you have the money and the power to help stop politicians from passing laws that hurt us.  You can start by making a declaration to not give any more political contributions to politicians who support bigotry.  We believe this is a reasonable request since Latinos purchase millions of dollars in Fanta, Minute Maid, Cherry Coke, and other Coke products.

Many of us are Coca-Cola shareholders who are concerned about the reputation of Coke as a company that is based in the State of Georgia that now has a reputation for hostility towards immigrants, Latinos and Asian communities.  We plan to introduce a shareholder resolution for the next annual meeting to move Coke HQ out of Georgia.  There was one shareholder proposal in Coca Cola’s last annual proxy statement, which required a vote by all shareholders. Every shareholder worldwide received this proposal and was asked to vote by proxy or attend the annual meeting and vote. We believe there should be a resolution calling on Coke to move out of Georgia, too.

We will have a follow up meeting with SOMOS GEORGIA about boycotts they might support.  SOMOS REPUBLICANS as an organization is not yet supporting a boycott of Coke products.  Individual members of our organization choose to avoid buying Coke products until we find out whether or not Coke will decide to stop giving political contributions to isolationist politicians.

We will not single Coke out.  We are in the process of researching the political contributions other corporations have made such as AFLAC, DELTA and etc.  We hope to see reduced corporate political contributions that are given to restrictionist politicians across the United States before more anti-immigrant laws are passed in other states. We now have 2 states that have passed anti-immigrant laws, and we simply are trying to find ways to prevent other states from following suit. We are desperate because these laws have led to racial profiling, hurting and unjust deportations.  We see children cry every day here in Arizona when their mother or father get deported.  The current administration has already deported almost 1 million undocumented immigrants and the pain and suffering we see is profound. We hope you become an ally in that struggle.


DeeDee Garcia Blase
Bob Quasius
Vice President

About Somos Republicans:

Somos Republicans is a national watchdog group and the largest Hispanic Republican grassroots organization in the nation because of our leadership that is pro immigration reform. The Mission of Somos Republicans is to promote political education and information needed to make more informed political decisions. To inspire the Hispanic people to make a difference in their lives and the lives of their neighbors through collaborative political education, volunteer commitment and responsible participation in society.


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