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Readers Write 5/9  | ajc.com.

HB 87 represents
the height of hypocrisy

In “Should Gov. Deal sign into law Georgia’s immigration bill?” (Pro & Con, Opinion, May 5), it is interesting that the spokesman for the Republican majority (with its deep ties to people of faith in Georgia) presents the hard line position, while Rev. Joanna Adams delivers the counter message of compassion (not only embraced by Christianity, but by Islam and Judaism as well).

HB 87 is bad legislation for business and moral reasons, but it should also be exposed for what it really is: pandering by legislative leaders to the xenophobic fears of those who see their communities in change. We have invited the immigrant community here by asking people to work for lower wages in less-than-desirable working conditions. Now, out of our frustration over the upheaval their presence causes, we pass bills to bash them. This is hypocrisy of the highest order. Gov. Deal, veto this bill!

Bill Bozarth, Atlanta


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