5/3 – AccessNorthGA – Immigration reform opponents hold out hope | AccessNorthGa

Immigration reform opponents hold out hope | AccessNorthGa.

Posted: Wednesday, May 4th 2011 at 11:44pm
By Jeremy Taylor Staff

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Members of the Georgia Immigrant Alliance/Photo from Fox 5

MARIETTA – Members of Georgia Immigrant Alliance met in Marietta Wednesday, hoping Governor Nathan Deal does not sign a recently approved immigration bill. The group that gathered at the Marietta Square, said its holding on faith and prayer that the measure called the Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act does not become law.

Rich Pellegrino, who is against the reform act, told Fox 5 he hopes that reason and compassion win out over political expediency. Larry Pellegrini believes the bill will be bad for the state’s agriculture and economy.

Meanwhile, a proponent of the bill, D.A. King, said we can import an unlimited number of legal laborers to work on our farms.

The immigration bill was passed by the House and Senate just before the end of the recent legislative session. Governor Deal said he plans to sign it; however, a spokesman for the governor’s office said the bill remains under review.


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