4/30 – Legislators review Assembly session – Franklin County Citizen


This year’s Georgia General Assembly session accomplished many things but had to deal with some tough issues, Franklin County’s three state representatives said Thursday in Royston.

Harden said the legislature passed fewer bills this year but he considers that a good thing.

  • Illegal immigration.

    Harden said that state’s new illegal immigration law “makes the Arizona look mild.”

    Georgia has a huge immigration problem, he said, that affects everything from law enforcement to health care. It also affects the state budget.

    “When you’re talking about illegal immigration, you can sew up a budget shortfall,” he said.

    The state needs to find illegal immigrants, get them on a state roll “and quite franly, get them out of here,” Harden said.

    Powellsaid that illegal immigration should be handled by the federal government.

    The new Georgia law is a good step forward, Powell said, but still has problems.

    Powell said he wonders what law enforcement agencies will do with illegal immigrants once they pick them up and that he has issues with requirements that inconvenience business owners.

    Butterworth said that the law was needed because the U.S. “must preserve what we have.” People fought and died for our right to live freely, he said. “We do not have the right to give that away.

    “The day after we pass the law, if CNN is criticizing it, maybe we’ve done a good thing,” he said.


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