4/28 – Peach Pundit – Boycott Georgia! — Peach Pundit

Boycott Georgia! — Peach Pundit.

Boycott Georgia!

April 28, 2011 20:07 pm

by Ed · 15 comments

I shall be leading the charge in the boycott! Oh wait–I live here.

Setting aside the rather unfunny jokes…

A group has called for a boycott of the Peach State for payback over the passage of HB 87.

Cuéntame, which describes itself as “Latino Instigators!” issued a statement Wednesday urging people to “Stand up and Fight Back”.

OK, fair enough. I understand why an organization would want to seek retribution, however it can on this issue, and I’m not opposed to them doing so. However, their explanation of the actors moving the issue is…well I’ll let them do the talking:

“Once again we see the same alliance of extremist groups and private prison corporations – those who pushed for similar bills in Arizona and Utah – doing the same in Georgia: FAIR, CCA (Correction Corporation of America) and now even the KKK.”

If you’re opposed to the Klan, FAIR and CCA (to be honest, I’ve never heard of the latter two before), and you are cool with boycotting to the best of your ability “the purchase, trade or exchange of products,services and/or business relations in the state of Georgia” sign the petition here.

Hat tip to Blog for Democracy.


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