4/26 – Cuentame – BOYCOTT GEORGIA


I sign this pledge to boycott to the best of my ability the purchase, trading or exchange of products and/or business relations with those housed in the state of Georgia. I urge based on my zip code below that my own city and state officials do the same until this bill is vetoed and/or repealed.


It’s Time To Stand Up and Fight Back!

We are calling for your pledge to boycott Georgia and Georgia produce. Drastic measures, require a strong action. Georgia is following Arizona’s footsteps with their own version of the discriminatory and draconian anti-immigration law: HB87. Once again we see the same alliance of extremist groups and private prison corporations – those who pushed for similar bills in Arizona and Utah – doing the same in Georgia: FAIR, CCA (Correction Corporation of America) and now even the KKK.

Our communities have been a key part in the development of Georgia’s economy and now they are punishing us for a political game that will hurt the state in the long run. We are calling for a boycott as a last resource now that politicians in the state have decided to ignore our voices.


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