4/26 – WSB (Video at Link) – Obama Interview starts with Immigration Question – News Story – WSB Atlanta


President Barack Obama said he has a plan to lower gasoline prices, but the news may not be comforting to Georgians.The president spoke with Channel 2 Action News anchor Justin Farmer on Tuesday inside the White House map room. Farmer was the only Atlanta reporter invited to interview the president.Minutes before the interview, the president sent a letter to congressional leaders asking them to end tax breaks for the oil and gas industry.

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5 p.m.: Justin Farmer Interviews President Obama
6 p.m.: Justin Farmer Interviews President Obama

“There’s no silver bullet to bringing down gas prices. This is a huge burden on families,” Obama told Farmer.”What we can do is make sure we’re investing in clean energy, car technology, natural gas vehicles. In order to do it, we must invest in basic research and that’s why we shouldn’t give subsidies to oil companies, which we do through the tax code right now,” the president continued.The Obama administration is starting its re-election bid and trying to get the message out about a deficit reduction plan. The president’s plan would slash the deficit by $4 trillion over the next 12 years.Farmer asked Obama about the gang of six, a bipartisan group working on a compromise that would reduce public debt. The gang of six includes Georgia Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss.“I’ve got to give Sen. Chambliss real credit, and those serious about real deficit reduction. There’s going to be significant debate moving forward. The House plan would cut clean energy spending and transportation spending and turn Medicare into a voucher system and that I think is the wrong approach,” Obama responded.Farmer said Obama was pleasant and purposeful when addressing other issues affecting Georgians, including an illegal immigration law that’s currently on the desk of Gov. Nathan Deal.“The truth on the matter is we’ve done more on enforcement than any previous administration. We have more border patrols, we have had serious crackdowns on employers who are hiring undocumented workers,” Obama said.Farmer told Obama about Channel 2 investigations along the Mexican border, and the agents who told him that the borders are not secure.“If our whole strategy is simply trying to seal the border, we’re not going to be able to do it unless we devote all our resources,” responded Obama.


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