4/26 – WSB – Georgia’s Immigration Reform Bill Faces Legal Battle – News Story – WSB Atlanta

Georgia’s Immigration Reform Bill Faces Legal Battle – News Story – WSB Atlanta.

A Sandy Springs attorney is preparing to file a federal lawsuit against Georgia’s new immigration reform bill, once the governor signs that bill into law.

Charles Kuck told Channel 2’s Richard Elliot he plans to ask a federal judge to grant an injunction preventing the law from taking effect.

“We’re filing this lawsuit because the law has unconstitutional provisions in it that will seriously damage the ability of the federal government to carry out its immigration enforcement objectives,” said Kuck.

Kuck pointed to several sections within the bill he believes will not stand the constitutional test. He questions the constitutionality of sections dealing with transporting and harboring illegal immigrants, granting police more leeway to check the immigration status of criminal suspects, and the requirement that all employers must check the status of their new employees.

“My hope is the governor doesn’t sign this bill,” Kuck told Elliot. “My hope is his people actually read the analysis of this bill that has been done by a number of parties and realizes we can’t afford the litigation.

“At the Governor’s Mansion, Elliot asked Gov. Nathan Deal about the lawsuit.

“I would hope no one would do that, but that’s not unexpected obviously,” Deal responded.

Deal said Georgia’s bill is not a carbon copy of Arizona’s controversial immigration reform law, one now before the U.S. Supreme Court. He told Elliot that lawmakers learned from Arizona’s mistakes and crafted a law that can withstand a constitutional challenge.

“I hope the framework with which this legislation has been crafted has taken the benefit of learning lessons from the Arizona statute,” said Deal.

“We think it’s not nearly as contentious in many of the areas that that state’s statute had been challenged on. But I certainly understand that is probably going to be put to a court test.”

Deal told Elliot is staff is continuing a review of the legislation, but he still plans to sign it within the next few weeks.


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