4/26 – WABE (Audio) – Lewis opposes state’s immigration legislation 2011-04-26

WABE: Lewis opposes state’s immigration legislation 2011-04-26.

Lewis opposes state’s immigration legislation

Rep. John Lewis speaks to members of the the Atlanta Press Club on civil rights event. Photo by Shomial Ahmad

(WABE)U.S. Congressman John Lewis weighed in today about the state legislature’s passage of an Arizona-type immigration bill. Lewis says immigration policy should come from the federal and not the state level.

Congressman John Lewis says it’s wrong for Georgia to pass what he calls ‘mean-spirited’ immigration legislation.

“It’s the role of the federal government–not the state of Georgia, not the state of Arizona. We cannot have fifty different immigration policies.”

But he says the federal government needs to provide a path to citizenship for the nation’s more than 10 million undocumented immigrants.

“I’m for whatever it takes to set people on the path to citizenship, if it means amnesty. We’re not going to load people on planes and take them back.”

Lewis, who will seek re-election, says today’s civil rights issue is immigration.


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