4/18 – Some Assembly Required – Final Documents HB 87 Language in Two Files

While eventually, the Georgia General Assembly will likely instruct that a final and complete version of HB 87 language as passed would be posted at this link:  http://www.legis.ga.gov/Legislation/en-US/display.aspx?Legislation=32190, please be aware that information at the above link is still not currently (4/18/10) up-to-date.

(Test: If it says ‘HB87/SCSFA/1’ it is not the final version … Check for as ‘Section 20.1’ which was the final amendment adding a ‘study by Agriculture Department’)

Some Assembly Required

… if you are eager to study the Bill, note the above warning:  Some Assembly Required

While this may be a bit cumbersome, and very possibly confusing, if you really want the final language of HB 87 you will currently have to do the following:

– Printer
– Red Marker
– Scissor
– Tape

1) Download and Print this PDF File 1file-1-hb-87-house-final-adopted-by-senate-with-amendments-in-file-2.pdf
These is the final version of HB 87 passed by the Georgia House on 4/14/10 (essentially replacing the entire Senate version passed by replacement)

2) Download and Print this PDF File 2:  file-2-hb-87-final-senate-amendments-apply-to-file-1.pdf
These are the final amendments passed by the Georgia Senate on 4/14/10 which amend final passed House in File 1 of step 1.

3) Using Red Marker (to strike out), Scissors, and Tape, carefully follow all instructions (provided in italics) in ‘File 2’ to ‘edit’ ‘File 1 ‘ thereby assembling your very own paper copy of HB 87 final draft.

Note: Do not be surprised by the resulting 26 pages not being precisely the same size.

And please be careful while running with scissors.

All the best,
The Editor


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