4/2 – Hispanical Speaking News – Petition on Anti-Immigrant Laws in GA! Please sign and spread! – Hispanically Speaking News

Petition on Anti-Immigrant Laws in GA! Please sign and spread! – Hispanically Speaking News.


Photo Credits: anti-immigrant Arizona-style laws, HB 87 and SB 40

Please sign and pass the word!!!!

We need 10,000 signatures by NEXT WEEK!
Por favor firma y pasa la voz!!!
Necesitamos 10,000 firmas para la próxima semana.

Please take 2 minutes to sign change.org’s petition against anti-immigrant Arizona-style laws, HB 87 and SB 40.  It is our first on line petition that we are issuing and we need thousands of people to sign.

Por favor toma 2 minutos de tu tiempo y firma la petición en change.org en CONTRA DE LAS LEYES ANTI-INMIGRANTES ESTILO ARIZONA, HB87 y la SB40.
Esta es nuestra primera petición y necesitamos miles de personas firmando.

Haz click en el LINK (abajo)

And then, please take 5 minutes to PROMOTE AND SPREAD THE WORD to your friends, networks, listserves and all over facebook, twitter, and more.

Y tómate otros 5 minutos para promover y correr la voz entre tus amigos y redes de facebook, twitter etc.


Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights
We are at a critical moment and we need your help. Georgia – with a long history of oppression and an equally long history of fierce resistance – is on the brink of implementing Arizona-style anti-immigrant legislation.

These bills have already passed out of the state House of Representatives (as HB 87) and state Senate (as SB 40). As the bills inch closer to reality, we must call on Georgia’s governor, Nathan Deal, to commit to veto them.

The bills would drive immigrant workers, families, and businesses out of the state. They would encourage racial profiling and turn Georgia back into a “show me your papers” state, telling police to check on immigration status during routine legal “stops.” The bills would also force private employers to use the flawed E-Verify database.

Arizona’s SB 1070 has already cost the state millions of dollars in lost tourism and litigation. With the economy as it is, Georgia cannot afford these laws morally or economically.

Sign the petition to urge Governor Nathan Deal to commit to veto these destructive, hate-filled bills if they land on his desk.

For more information or to get more involved, visit www.altogeorgia.org.

Petition Letter

Commit to veto Arizona-style immigration bills (HB 87 and SB 40)

Dear Governor Deal,

I urge you to commit to veto HB 87, SB 40, and any other Arizona-style anti-immigrant legislation that reaches your desk. If such legislation passes, Georgia’s image will be severely tarnished in the eyes of the country and the world. Georgia cannot afford this economically or morally.

Anti-immigrant laws like HB87 and SB40 will drive immigrant workers and their families out of the state. They will work against your stated goal of improving Georgia’s economy. Immigrants — both documented and undocumented—contribute over $25 billion into Georgia’s economy, by buying and selling goods, paying taxes, and creating jobs.

HB 87 and SB40 overreach in a way that threatens the civil rights of Georgia residents. During a traffic stop, for example, police would be authorized to ask for documents to prove you are in the country legally. Essentially, this will turn Georgia into a “show me your papers” state, where many residents—including citizens—would be required to carry papers at all times for fear of being detained.

This type of legislation will not make our communities safer. In fact, critical public safety resources will be diverted to immigration enforcement. We need to focus our limited resources on actual public safety instead of burdening police with federal immigration duties.

I urge you to commit to veto HB 87, SB 40 and all Arizona-style legislation. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

[Your name]


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