3/31 – Care2 – Georgia Anti-Immigrant Measures Unite Latinos, Blacks (VIDEO)

Georgia Anti-Immigrant Measures Unite Latinos, Blacks (VIDEO).

Georgia Anti-Immigrant Measures Unite Latinos, Blacks (VIDEO)

posted by: Jessica Pieklo 13 hours ago
Georgia Anti-Immigrant Measures Unite Latinos, Blacks (VIDEO)

While union-busting may have replaced immigrant-bashing as the wedge-de-jour for the Republican party, that has not stopped them from continuing their state-by-state campaign to eradicate this country of any person perceived as illegal.

So far those efforts have met with mostly effective results as far as Republicans are concerned.  Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Utah and a host of other states have pushed “papers please” legislation and a variety of other measures designed at stripping public benefits from undocumented workers and their citizen children.  And while not receiving the attention it once did, efforts to undo birthright citizenship guarantees of the 14th Amendment have not gone away.

What then will the GOP do with the news that even in Georgia their strategy of bashing the largest-growing sector of the American populace has done more to unite minority groups against them than to successfully pursue their political agenda.

Last week the country’s largest Legislative Black Caucus and approximately nine thousand immigrants marched on the Georgia Capitol and Republican lawmakers moved two anti-immigrant bills through committees.

The issue has ignited Georgia Democrats who have linked the anti-immigrant measures with the state’s brutal slave past.  Representative Stacey Abrams, House Minority Leader and the first black to lead the Georgia House Democrats made explicit the connection between the bill’s “papers please” provisions and slavery.  Representative Al Williams pulled out a young woman’s slave pass from Georgia’s antebellum days and read aloud the provisions detailing where and at what times the woman was permitted to walk around by herself.

And to top the event off was an emotional plea from U.S. Rep. John Lewis.

The Republican’s Southern strategy depends on keeping more whites voting Republican than blacks vote Democratic.  But given the enormous influx of immigrants due to widespread agriculture jobs, that is a strategy that is showing its age and its inherent racism.


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