3/6 – Athens Banner-Herald – Pages: House bill ‘disrespects human dignity’ || OnlineAthens.com

Pages: House bill ‘disrespects human dignity’ || OnlineAthens.com.

The intent of House Bill 87, the Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act now making its way through the Georgia General Assembly, is to rid the state of a valuable segment of our neighbors – hard-working undocumented immigrants.

These are the people who tend to our needs by working in poultry plants, in other agricultural jobs, in restaurants and in many other areas. Their children are educated alongside ours. They’re being acculturated in our midst, enriching it with extraordinary family principles tightly woven of traditions and beliefs from which we might do well to learn.

House Bill 87 disrespects human dignity and human rights. It diminishes us as people of a country with values that are shouted to the world. If passed into law, this bill will frighten, harass and endanger innocent men, women and children. It will deprive our economy of the work force needed to sustain growth. It deprives society of the opportunity to profit from the fruits of years of educating immigrant children with our taxes.

As in Arizona, if this bill becomes law, Georgia might end up saddled with large bills from legal battles. Let’s prayerfully consider the inhumane consequences of draconian measures and opt for reasonable federal laws reforming immigration policy.

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