2/10 – AJC – In Utah, an $11 million price tag for an Arizona-style law | Political Insider

In Utah, an $11 million price tag for an Arizona-style law | Political Insider


Georgia has yet to do so, but other states are toting up the costs of Arizona-style legislation to address illegal immigration. From the Salt Lake City Tribune in Utah:

Rep. Stephen Sandstrom’s enforcement-only immigration reform bill could cost local governments in excess of $11 million, according to financial data released Monday by the Legislative Fiscal Analysts office.

Sandstrom has been in discussions with various groups — including the Utah League of Cities and Towns — in an attempt to bring that number down and suggested during a meeting Monday that a way to offset those costs would be to impose a fee on wire transfers of money from Utah to other countries as well as adding a fee to the existing driving privilege card.

The Orem Republican also said the costs of his legislation would be offset later by savings.

“I understand issues and challenge cities face. I truly believe if my bill goes into effect, you will actually save money as a city,” Sandstrom said, citing his three terms as a city councilman in Orem. “Maybe not in the first few months, but shortly thereafter you will. That is something we can’t quantify when you look at costs.”

Some cities — including mayors and police chiefs — gathered at the Capitol to listen to Sandstrom make his case for HB70, which is an enforcement-only bill that would require local law enforcement to check people’s residency or citizenship status if officers have “reasonable suspicion” they aren’t in the country legally.

A follow-up article, also from the Tribune, can be found here.

– By Jim Galloway, Political Insider


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