2/8 WABE Radio: Farmers, Deal and Illegal Immigration (2011-02-08)

WABE: Farmers, Deal and Illegal Immigration (2011-02-08)

(WABE)Governor Nathan Deal is feeling pressure from state farmers. They fear the legislature this year will pass a bill forcing all Georgia employers to verify their workers’ immigration status.

Deal spoke at a luncheon held for the Georgia Farm Bureau. The group wants the federal government, not the state, to deal with illegal immigration. Their stance comes as the state considers two illegal immigration bills. One requires all employers to verify their workers’ legal status. The other exempts farmers. Deal hopes the final bill will NOT make distinctions.

“I think we all want to say that we are abiding by the law in this state,” said Deal. “We work pretty hard to make sure the crops we grow are legal crops. We also ought to work very hard to make sure that people who help us grow them are also legal.”

At the same time, Deal is trying to walk a fine line by sympathizing with farmers.

“I do recognize the great difficulty that they have, seasonal in nature in some cases, which is not necessarily the same environment of a year round work force that other industries depend upon,” said Deal.

Both bills are in committee. © Copyright 2011, WABE


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