Everitt Howe – Please, no to ‘English Only’ anti-legal immigrant bill

Regarding Georgia 2011-12 Session HB 72 – ‘English Only Driver License Testing Bill

Atlanta – Feb. 2nd, 2011

by Everitt Howe (f22ev@yahoo.com)

(as distributed to Members of Georgia House Public Safety Committee)

Dear Committee members,

I am an Air Force veteran who loves to travel and drive all over the world.  Usually, all I need is a Georgia license, or maybe an International driving license.  I do not fluently speak any language except English.  Why then this bill for Georgia?

I teach English as a Second Language at our church, adults take a long time to master the nuances of reading questions, but they can easily read signs, which is on all written driving tests in English!  And if someone cannot understand spoken English, how can they pass the actual driving experience with a Georgia evaluator driving past signs in English?  Why then this bill in Georgia?

Without a driving license, legal immigrants probably cannot get a job, and will be on welfare.  Foreign business owners do not want to move to states that so obviously restrict legal foreigners.  Gov Deal and House Leader Ralston say they do not want bad-for-Georgia-business bills.  Why then this bill in Georgia?

Stop the annual pain of this really bad bill, don’t let in out of committee and save us all a lot of time on HB72.  Please let me know if this bill actually gets scheduled for your committee, thank-you.

Everitt Howe, Lt Col, USAF retired
Sandy Springs, GA


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