Readers Write 1/4 |

Readers Write 1/4  |


‘Show me your papers’ should never happen

I am troubled by the prospect that any human being, based on their phenotype and/or assumed cultural heritage or religious tradition, might be subject to misguided profiling and harassment by law enforcement or other authorities (“State must enact anti-profiling laws,” Opinion, Dec. 30).

I urge Georgia legislators to demonstrate in a bipartisan alliance their commitment to human rights and American liberty by refusing to enact backward legislation regarding profiling immigrants like Arizona has done. As an African-American woman, it frightens me to think that anyone in the U.S. might have to carry approved documentation similar to free blacks in slavery days, blacks in South Africa during apartheid, and Jews in Nazi Germany.

To move toward a “show me your papers” society will be a setback in the struggle for justice and will tarnish America’s reputation.

Beni Dakar, Duluth


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